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Ahmadinejad, Fereshteh. and Mowla, Seyed Javad. and Honardoost, Mohammad-Amin. and Gholami Arjenaki, Mostafa. and Moazeni-Bistgani, Mohammad. and Kheiri, Soleiman. and Teimori, Hossein. (2017) Lower expression of miR-218 in human breast cancer is associated with lymph node metastases, higher grades, and poorer prognosis. Tumour biology : the journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine, 39 (8). p. 1010428317698362. ISSN 1423-0380

Amini, Seyed Asadollah. and Ghatreh Samani, Keihan. and Habibi-Kohi, Arash. and Jafari, Laleh. (2017) Comparison of pure palm olein oil, hydrogenated oil-containing palm, and canola on serum lipids and lipid oxidation rate in rats fed with these oils. Archives of Iranian Medicine, 20 (2). pp. 96-100.

Asgari, Shahin. and Rouhi Boroujeni, Hamid. and Mirhoseini, Mahmoud. and Rouhi Boroujeni, Hojjat. and Khoddami, Minasadat. (2017) A case of carbamazepine induced systemic lupus erythematous (SLE). IIOAB Journal, 8.


Banaeian-Borujeni, Shayesteh and Sereshti, Manijeh. and Rafieian, Morteza. and Farahbod, Farinaz. and Kheiri, Soleiman. (2017) Comparison of vaginal ointment of honey and clotrimazole for treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis: A random clinical trial. Journal de Mycologie Medicale.


Farrokhi, Effat. and Nejadtaghi, Mahdieh. and Jafari-Ghahfarokhi, Hamideh. and Ghatreh Samani, Keihan. (2017) Familial Colorectal Cancer Type X (FCCTX) and the correlation with various genes—A systematic review. Curr Probl Cancer, 41 (6).


Ghasemi-Pirbaluti, Masoumeh and Pourgheysari, Batoul. and shirzad, Hedayatollah. and Sourani, Zahra. and Beshkar, Pezhman. (2017) The Inhibitory Effect of Epigallocatechin Gallate on the Viability of T Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells is Associated with Increase of Caspase-3 Level and Fas Expression. Indian Journal of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. pp. 1-8.


Heidarian, Esfandiar. and Amini, Sayed Asadollah. and Abbasi-Veldani, Akram. and Ghatreh-Samani, Keihan. (2017) Effects of quercetin on signaling proteins (PSTAT3, pERK1/2, pAKT) and interleukin-6 gene expression in prostate cancer pc3 cells. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 26 (144). pp. 290-300.

Heidarian, Esfandiar. and Jafari-Dehkordi, Effat. and Valipour, Parisa. and Ghatreh-Samani, Keihan. and Ashrafi-Eshkaftaki, Leila. (2017) Nephroprotective and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Pistacia atlantica Leaf Hydroethanolic Extract Against Gentamicin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats. Journal of Dietary Supplements, 14 (5). pp. 489-502.


Jafari, Tina and Fallah, Aziz A. and Kheiri, Soleiman and Fadaei, Abdolmajid and Amini, Sayed Asadollah (2017) Aflatoxin M-1 in human breast milk in Shahrekord, Iran and association with dietary factors. FOOD ADDITIVES & CONTAMINANTS PART B-SURVEILLANCE, 10 (2). pp. 128-136.

Jafari, Tina. and Fallah, Aziz.A. and Kheiri, Soleiman. and Fadaei, Abdolmajid. and Amini, Seyed Asadollah. (2017) Aflatoxin M<inf>1</inf> in human breast milk in Shahrekord, Iran and association with dietary factors. Food Additives and Contaminants: Part B Surveillance, 10 (2). pp. 128-136.


Karimi-Khouzani, O. and Heidarian, E. and Amini, S.A. (2017) Anti-inflammatory and ameliorative effects of gallic acid on fluoxetine-induced oxidative stress and liver damage in rats. Pharmacological reports : PR, 69 (4). pp. 830-835. ISSN 1734-1140

Kasiri, K.-A. and Khoshdel, A. and Karimi, A. and Sedehi, M. and Kasiri, N. (2017) Comparison of amoxicillin and metronidazole effect on three-drug regimen for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection in children. Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research, 8 (2). pp. 63-66.

Keivani, Maryam. and Hadizadeh Harandi, Maryam. and Alimoradi, Fakhrodin. and Rowshan, Gholamhussein. and Faghihi, Morteza. and Abadyan, Mohamadreza. (2017) Morphological and mechanical properties of styrene butadiene rubber/nano copper nanocomposites. Results in Physics, 7. pp. 338-344.

Khoshdel, Abolfazl. and Kheiri, Soleiman. and Omidvari, Peyman. and Moradi, Fahimeh. and Hamidi, Majid. and Teimori, Hossein. (2017) Association between Interleukin-10-1082G/A and Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha 308 G/A Gene Polymorphisms and Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Iranian Preterm Infants. MEDIATORS OF INFLAMMATION.

Khoshdel, Abolfazl. and Kheiri, Soleiman. and Omidvari, Peyman. and Moradi, Fahimeh. and Hamidi, Majid. and Teimori, Hossein. (2017) Association between interleukin-10-1082 G/A and tumor necrosis factor-α 308 G/A gene polymorphisms and respiratory distress syndrome in Iranian preterm infants. Mediators of Inflammation, 2017.


Moradi, Mohammad-Taghi. and Karimi, Ali. and Lorigooini, Zahra. and Pourgheysari, Batoul. and Alidadi, Somayeh. (2017) In vitro anti influenza virus activity, antioxidant potential and total phenolic content of twelve Iranian medicinal plants. Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal, 21 (4).


Nejadtaghi, Mahdieh. and Jafari-Ghahfarokhi, Hamideh. and Farrokhi, Effat. and Ghatreh Samani, Keihan. (2017) Familial Colorectal Cancer Type X (FCCTX) and the correlation with various genes (a systematic review). Current problems in cancer, 41.

Nouri, Ali and Heidarian, Esfandiar and Nikoukar, Morteza (2017) Effects of N-acetyl cysteine on oxidative stress and TNF-α gene expression in diclofenac-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Toxicology mechanisms and methods. pp. 1-7. ISSN 1537-6524


Panahandeh, Gholamreza. and Khoshdel, Abolfazl. and Heidarian, Esfandiar. and Amiri, Masoud. and Rahiminam, Hadis. (2017) Blood lead levels in children of Southwest Iran, aged 2-6 years and associated factors. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 11 (7). SC01-SC04.


Raeisi, Farzaneh. and Raeisi, Elham. and Shahbazi-Gahrouei, Daryoush. and Amini Chermahini, Fatemeh. (2017) Download citationShare Download full-text PDF A comparison of Thiazolyl blue (MTT) versus Sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay in assessment of antiproliferation effect of bromelain on 4T1, AGS and PC3 cancer cell lines. Journal of Isfahan Medical School, 35.

Rahimi-Madiseh, M. and Heidarian, E. and Kheiri, S. and Rafieian-Kopaei, M. (2017) Effect of hydroalcoholic Allium ampeloprasum extract on oxidative stress, diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 86. pp. 363-367.

Rahimi-Madiseh, Mohammad. and Naimi, Azar. and Heidarian, Esfandiar. and Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud. (2017) Renal biochemical and histopathological alterations of diabetic rats under treatment with hydro alcoholic Morus nigra extrac. Journal of renal injury prevention, 6 (1). pp. 56-60.

Rouhi-Boroujeni, H. and Heidarian, E. and Rouhi-Boroujeni, H. and Deris, F. and Rafieian-Kopaei, M. (2017) Medicinal Plants with Multiple Effects on Cardiovascular Diseases: A Systematic Review. Current pharmaceutical design, 23 (7). pp. 999-1015. ISSN 1873-4286

Rouhi-Boroujeni, H. and Heidarian, E. and Rouhi-Boroujeni, H. and Khoddami, M. and Gharipour, M. and Rafieian-Kopaei, M. (2017) Use of lipid-lowering medicinal herbs during pregnancy: A systematic review on safety and dosage. ARYA Atherosclerosis, 13 (3). pp. 1-21.


Saffari-Chaleshtori, Javad. and Heidari-Sureshjani, Ehsan. and Moradi, Fahimeh. and Molavian Jazi, Hojjatollah. and Heidarian, Esfandiar. (2017) The study of apoptosis-inducing effects of three pre-apoptotic factors by gallic acid, using simulation analysis and the comet assay technique on the prostatic cancer cell line PC3. Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, 24 (4). pp. 18-29.

Saffari-Chaleshtori, Javad. and Tabatabaiefar, Mohammad Amin. and Ghasemi-Dehkordi, Payam. and Farokhi, Effat. and Moradi, Mohammad-Taghi. and Hashemzadeh-Chaleshtori, Morteza. (2017) THE LACK OF CORRELATION BETWEEN TP53 MUTATIONS AND GASTRIC CANCER: A REPORT FROM A PROVINCE OF IRAN. GENETIKA-BELGRADE, 49 (1). pp. 235-246.

Shirzad, Moein. and Heidarian, Esfandiar. and Beshkar, Pezhman. and Gholami-Arjenaki, Mostafa. (2017) Biological effects of hesperetin on Interleukin-6/phosphorylated signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 pathway signaling in prostate cancer PC3 cells. Pharmacognosy Research, 9 (2). pp. 188-194.

Soltan Dallal, Mohammad Mehdi. and Validi, Majid. and Douraghi, Masoumeh. and Fallah Mehrabadi, Jalil. and Lormohammadi, Leila. (2017) Evaluation the cytotoxic effect of cytotoxin-producing Klebsiella oxytoca isolates on the HEp-2 cell line by MTT assay. Microbial Pathogenesis.


Tabatabaiefar, Mohammad Amin. and Alipour, Paria. and Pourahmadiyan, Azam. and Fattahi, Najmeh. and Shariati, Laleh. and Golchin, Neda. and Mohammadi-Asl, Javad. (2017) A novel pathogenic variant in an Iranian Ataxia telangiectasia family revealed by next-generation sequencing followed by in silico analysis. JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES, 379. pp. 212-216.


Yaghoobi, Akram. and Ghatreh Samani, Keihan. and Amini, Seyed Asadollah. and Gholami-Arjenaki, Mostafa. (2017) Effects of cumin extract on serum lipid profile and total antioxidant capacity in rats receiving high-fat diet. Journal of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, 25 (110). pp. 13-23.

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