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Arab, Samaneh and Ghasemi, Sahar and Ghanbari, Ali and Bahraminasab, Marjan and Satari, Atefeh and Mousavi, Mahboubeh and Ghasemi Dehcheshme, Hesamodin and Asgharzade, Samira (2021) Chemopreventive effect of spirulina microalgae on an animal model of glioblastoma via down‐regulation of PI3K / AKT / mTOR and up‐regulation of miR ‐34a/ miR‐125B expression. Phytotherapy Research, 35 (11). pp. 6452-6461. ISSN 0951-418X

Asgharzade, Samira and Khorrami, Mohammad Bagher and Forouzanfar, Fatemeh (2021) Neuroprotective effect of herniarin following transient focal cerebral ischemia in rats. METABOLIC BRAIN DISEASE, 36 (8). pp. 2505-2510.

Moradi, Zahra and Rabiei, Zahra and Anjomshoa, Maryam and Amini-Farsani, Zeinab and Massahzadeh, Vahid and Asgharzade, Samira (2021) Neuroprotective effect of wild lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) on global cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats: Downregulation of iNOS/TNF-alpha and upregulation of miR-146a/miR-21 expression. PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH, 35 (11). pp. 6428-6440.

Hashemi Sheikhshabani, Somayeh and Amini-Farsani, Zeinab and Rahmati, Shima and Jazaeri, Ali and Mohammadi-Samani, Marzieh and Asgharzade, Samira (2021) Oleuropein reduces cisplatin resistance in ovarian cancer by targeting apoptotic pathway regulators. Life Sciences, 278. ISSN 00243205

Amini-Farsani, Zeinab and Yadollahi-Farsani, Mahtab and Arab, Samaneh and Forouzanfar, Fatemeh and Yadollahi, Mitra and Asgharzade, Samira (2021) Prediction and analysis of microRNAs involved in COVID-19 inflammatory processes associated with the NF-kB and JAK/STAT signaling pathways. International Immunopharmacology, 100. ISSN 15675769

Askari, Masomeh and Moradi, Zahra and Mohammadi, Mahsa and Lagzian, Milad and Asgharzade, Samira (2021) Prediction and interpretation of rare missense variant in OTOG associated with hearing loss. GENOMICS, 113 (4). pp. 2793-2799. ISSN 0888-7543

Rakhshandeh, Hassan and Asgharzade, Samira and Khorrami, Mohammad Bagher and Forouzanfar, Fatemeh (2021) Protective Effect of Capparis spinosa Extract against Focal Cerebral Ischemia-reperfusion Injury in Rats. Central Nervous System Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 21 (2). pp. 148-153. ISSN 18715249

Asgharzade, Samira and Alizadeh, Akram and Arab, Samaneh (2021) Regenerative Medicine Approaches in COVID-19 Pneumonia. CURRENT STEM CELL RESEARCH & THERAPY, 16 (6). pp. 647-655.

Forouzanfar, Fatemeh and Soleimannejad, Mostafa and Soltani, Amin and Mirsafaee, Parisa Sadat and Asgharzade, Samira (2021) Retinoic acid and taurine enhance differentiation of the human bone marrow stem cells into cone photoreceptor cells and retinal ganglion cells. JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY.

Azami, Shakiba and Shahriari, Zahra and Asgharzade, Samira and Farkhondeh, Tahereh and Sadeghi, Mahmood and Ahmadi, Fatemeh and Vahedi, Mohammad Mahdi and Forouzanfar, Fatemeh (2021) Therapeutic Potential of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in Ischemia Stroke. EVIDENCE-BASED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, 2021. ISSN 1741-427X

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Asgharzade, Samira and Talaei, Andisheh and Farkhondeh, Tahereh and Forouzanfar, Fatemeh (2020) Combining Growth Factor and Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation, A Review. Current Drug Targets, 21 (8). pp. 781-791. ISSN 13894501

Forouzanfar, Fatemeh and Shojapour, Mana and Aghili, Zahra Sadat and Asgharzade, Samira (2020) Growth factors as tools in photoreceptor cell regeneration and vision recovery. Current Drug Targets, 21 (6). pp. 573-581. ISSN 13894501

Asgharzade, Samira and Sewell, Robert D. E. and Rabiei, Zahra and Forouzanfar, Fatemeh and Kazemi Sheikhshabani, Sedigheh and Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud (2020) Hydroalcoholic Extract of Anchusa Italica Protects Global Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Via a Nitrergic Mechanism. Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Journal, 11 (3). pp. 323-332. ISSN 22287442

Forouzanfar, Fatemeh and Asgharzade, Samira (2020) MicroRNAs in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and their Regulation by Oxidative Stress and Inflammation. Current Drug Targets, 21. ISSN 13894501

Khatami, Somayeh and Askari, Masomeh and Bahreini, Fatemeh and Hashemzadeh-Chaleshtori, Morteza and Hematian, Saeed and Asgharzade, Samira (2020) Novel MYO15A variants are associated with hearing loss in the two Iranian pedigrees. BMC Medical Genetics, 21 (1). ISSN 1471-2350

Asgharzade, Samira and Talaei, Andisheh and Farkhondeh, Tahereh and Forouzanfar, Fatemeh (2020) A Review on Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathic Pain. Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 15 (4). pp. 349-361. ISSN 1574888X

Asgharzade, Samira and Rabiei, Zahra and Rabiei, Sana and Bijad, Elham and Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud (2020) Therapeutic effects of oleuropein in improving seizure, oxidative stress and cognitive disorder in pentylenetetrazole kindling model of epilepsy in mice. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 19 (1). pp. 98-110. ISSN 17350328

Asgharzade, Samira and Sheikhshabani, Somayeh Hashemi and Ghasempour, Elham and Heidari, Razieh and Rahmati, Shima and Mohammadi, Mahsa and Jazaeri, Ali and Amini-Farsani, Zeinab (2020) The effect of oleuropein on apoptotic pathway regulators in breast cancer cells. European Journal of Pharmacology, 886. p. 173509. ISSN 00142999

Mahmoudian-Sani, Mohammad-Reza and Forouzanfar, Fatemeh and Asgharzade, Samira and Ghorbani, Nilufar (2019) Overexpression of MiR-183/96/182 Triggers Retina-Like Fate in Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hBMSCs) in Culture. JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY.

Rabiei, Sana and Rezaei, Masoud and Asgharzade, Samira and Nikoo, Mehdi and Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud (2019) Antioxidant and cytotoxic properties of protein hydrolysates obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis of Klunzinger’s mullet (Liza klunzingeri) muscle. Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Mahmoudian-Sani, Mohammad Reza and Asgharzade, Samira and Alghasi, Arash and Saeedi-Boroujeni, Ali and Adnani Sadati, Seyed Jafar and Moradi, Mohammad Taghi (2019) MicroRNA-122 in patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma. JOURNAL OF GASTROINTESTINAL ONCOLOGY.

Solati, Kamal and Rabiei, Zahra and Asgharzade, Samira and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Hassanpour, Ali and Abbasiyan, Zahra and Anjomshoa, Maryam and Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud (2019) The effect of pretreatment with hydroalcoholic extract of Alpinia officinarum rhizome on seizure severity and memory impairment in pentylenetetrazol-induced kindling model of seizure in rat. AIMS Neuroscience.

Forouzanfar, Fatemeh and Hosseinzadeh, Hossein and Khorrami, Mohammad B. and Asgharzade, Samira and Rakhshandeh, Hassan (2019) Attenuating Effect of Portulaca oleracea Extract on Chronic Constriction Injury Induced Neuropathic Pain in Rats: An Evidence of Anti-oxidative and Anti-inflammatory Effects. CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets, 18 (4). pp. 342-349. ISSN 18715273

Mahmoudian-sani, Mohammad-Reza and Hashemi Sheikhshabani, Somayeh and Mirfakhar, Farzaneh Sadat and Asgharzade, Samira (2019) A review on medicinal plants used for treating ototoxicity and acoustic trauma induced hearing loss. Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 55. ISSN 19848250

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