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Boroujeni, Shakiba Nasiri and Lorigooini, Zahra and Boldaji, Fatemeh Rahimi and Amini-Khoei, Hossein (2020) Diosgenin via NMDA Receptor Exerted Anxiolytic-like Effect in Maternally Separated Mice. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 26. ISSN 13816128

Anjomshoa, Maryam and Boroujeni, Shakiba Nasiri and Bagheri, Esmaeel and Lorigooini, Zahra and Amini-Khoei, Hossein (2020) Possible Involvement of N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor (NMDA-R) in the Antidepressant-Like Effect of Trigonelline in Male Mice. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 26. ISSN 13816128

Nouri, Ali and Hashemzadeh, Farzaneh and Soltani, Amin and Saghaei, Elham and Amini-Khoei, Hossein (2020) Progesterone exerts antidepressant-like effect in a mouse model of maternal separation stress through mitigation of neuroinflammatory response and oxidative stress. PHARMACEUTICAL BIOLOGY.

Khodamoradi, K. and Khosravizadeh, Z. and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Gilani, Sadighi-M.A. and Mastalizadeh, A. and Kochakzadeh nematolahi, N.S. and Hassanzadeh, G. (2020) The Association Between Toxic Life Stress and Semen Quality. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 17 (1). S90-S91. ISSN 17436095

Alibabaei, Zahra and Lorigooini, Zahra and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Rabiei, Zahra and Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud (2020) Entinociceptive effects of Euphorbia helioscopia extract on Balb/c mice. Journal of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, 22 (1). ISSN 1735-1448

Shabani, Sahreh and Rabiei, Zahra and Amini-Khoei, Hossein (2020) Exploring the multifaceted neuroprotective actions of gallic acid: a review. International Journal of Food Properties, 23 (1). pp. 736-752. ISSN 1094-2912

Lorigooini, Zahra and Nouri, Ali and mottaghinia, Faezeh and Balali-Dehkordi, Shima and Bijad, Elham and Dehkordi, Saeid Habibian and Soltani, Amin and Amini-Khoei, Hossein (2020) Ferulic acid through mitigation of NMDA receptor pathway exerts anxiolytic-like effect in mouse model of maternal separation stress. Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology. ISSN 2191-0286

Khodamoradi, Kajal and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Khosravizadeh, Zahra and Hosseini, Seyed Reza and Dehpour, Ahmad Reza and Hassanzadeh, Gholamreza (2019) Oxidative stress, inflammatory reactions and apoptosis mediated the negative effect of chronic stress induced by maternal separation on the reproductive system in male mice. Reproductive Biology, 19 (4). ISSN 1642431X

Rabiei, Zahra and Solati, Kamal and Amini-Khoei, Hossein (2019) Phytotherapy in treatment of Parkinson's disease: a review. Pharmaceutical Biology. ISSN 1388-0209

Khodamoradi, Kajal and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Khosravizadeh, Zahra and Hosseini, Seyed Reza and Dehpour, Ahmad Reza and Hassanzadeh, Gholamreza (2019) Maternal separation can affect the reproductive system by inflammasome activation in female mice. Journal of Contemporary Medical Sciences. ISSN 2413-0516

Nouri, Ali and Heidarian, Esfandiar and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Abbaszadeh, Saber and Basati, Gholam (2019) Quercetin through mitigation of inflammatory response and oxidative stress exerts protective effects in rat model of diclofenac-induced liver toxicity. JOURNAL OF PHARMACY & PHARMACOGNOSY RESEARCH, 7 (3).

Solati, Kamal and Rabiei, Zahra and Asgharzade, Samira and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Hassanpour, Ali and Abbasiyan, Zahra and Anjomshoa, Maryam and Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud (2019) The effect of pretreatment with hydroalcoholic extract of Alpinia officinarum rhizome on seizure severity and memory impairment in pentylenetetrazol-induced kindling model of seizure in rat. AIMS Neuroscience.

Shahrani, Mehrdad and Asgharzadeh, Najmeh and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Mirzaeian, Zahra and Ahmadi, Ali and Lori Goeini, Zahra (2019) Phytochemical Study and Antidepressant Effect of Essential Oil of Apium graveolens L. JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, 27 (4).

Rabiei, Zahra and Solati, Kamal and Amini-Khoei, Hossein (2019) Phytotherapy in treatment of Parkinson’s disease: a review. Pharmaceutical Biology, 57 (1). ISSN 13880209

Aleebrahim-Dehkordy, Elahe and Rafieian-kopaei, Mahmoud and Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Abbasi, Safieh (2019) In Vitro Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity and Antibacterial Effects and Measurement of Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents of Quercus brantii L. Fruit Extract. Journal of Dietary Supplements, 16 (4). pp. 408-416. ISSN 1939-0211

Lorigooini, Zahra and Sadeghi Dehsahraei, Keyhan and Bijad, Elham and Habibian Dehkordi, Saied and Amini-Khoei, Hossein (2019) Trigonelline through the Attenuation of Oxidative Stress Exerts Antidepressant- and Anxiolytic-Like Effects in a Mouse Model of Maternal Separation Stress. Pharmacology. pp. 1-11. ISSN 0031-7012

Amini-Khoei, Hossein and Kordjazy, Nastaran and Haj-Mirzaian, Arvin and Amiri, Shayan and Haj-Mirzaian, Arya and Shirzadian, Armin and Hasanvand, Amin and Balali-Dehkordi, Shima and Hassanipour, Mahsa and Dehpour, Ahmad Reza (2017) Anticonvulsant effect of minocycline on pentylenetetrazole-induced seizure in mice: involvement of nitric oxide and N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor. Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacol.

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