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Haile, L.M. and Kamenov, K. and Briant, P.S. and Orji, A.U. and Steinmetz, J.D. and Abdoli, A. and Abdollahi, M. and Abu-Gharbieh, E. and Afshin, A. and Ahmed, H. and Rashid, T.A. and Akalu, Y. and Alahdab, F. and Alanezi, F.M. and Alanzi, T.M. and Al Hamad, H. and Ali, L. and Alipour, V. and Al-Raddadi, R.M. and Amu, H. and Arabloo, J. and Arab-Zozani, M. and Arulappan, J. and Ashbaugh, C. and Atnafu, D.D. and Babar, Z.-U.-D. and Baig, A.A. and Banik, P.C. and Bärnighausen, T.W. and Barrow, A. and Bender, R.G. and Bhagavathula, A.S. and Bhardwaj, N. and Bhardwaj, P. and Bibi, S. and Bijani, A. and Burkart, K. and Cederroth, C.R. and Charan, J. and Choudhari, S.G. and Chu, D.-T. and Couto, R.A.S. and Dagnew, A.B. and Dagnew, B. and Dahlawi, S.M.A. and Dai, X. and Dandona, L. and Dandona, R. and Desalew, A. and Dhamnetiya, D. and Dhimal, M.L. and Dhimal, M. and Doyle, K.E. and Duncan, B.B. and Ekholuenetale, M. and Filip, I. and Fischer, F. and Franklin, R.C. and Gaidhane, A.M. and Gaidhane, S. and Gallus, S. and Ghamari, F. and Ghashghaee, A. and Ghozali, G. and Gilani, S.A. and Gl�van, I.-R. and Golechha, M. and Goulart, B.N.G. and Gupta, V.B. and Gupta, V.K. and Hamidi, S. and Hammond, B.R. and Hay, S.I. and Hayat, K. and Heidari, G. and Hoffman, H.J. and Hopf, K.P. and Hosseinzadeh, M. and Househ, M. and Hussain, R. and Hwang, B.-F. and Iavicoli, I. and Ibitoye, S.E. and Ilesanmi, O.S. and Irvani, S.S.N. and Islam, S.M.S. and Iwagami, M. and Jacob, L. and Jayapal, S.K. and Jha, R.P. and Jonas, J.B. and Kalhor, R. and Al-Salihi, N.K. and Kandel, H. and Kasa, A.S. and Kayode, G.A. and Khalilov, R. and Khan, E.A. and Khatib, M.N. and Kosen, S. and Koyanagi, A. and Kumar, G.A. and Landires, I. and Lasrado, S. and Lim, S.S. and Liu, X. and Lobo, S.W. and Lugo, A. and Makki, A. and Mendoza, W. and Mersha, A.G. and Mihretie, K.M. and Miller, T.R. and Misra, S. and Mohamed, T.A. and Mohammadi, M. and Mohammadian-Hafshejani, A. and Mohammed, A. and Mokdad, A.H. and Moni, M.A. and Kandel, S.N. and Nguyen, H.L.T. and Nixon, M.R. and Noubiap, J.J. and Nuñez-Samudio, V. and Oancea, B. and Oguoma, V.M. and Olagunju, A.T. and Olusanya, B.O. and Olusanya, J.O. and Orru, H. and Owolabi, M.O. and Padubidri, J.R. and Pakshir, K. and Pardhan, S. and Kan, F.P. and Pasovic, M. and Pawar, S. and Pham, H.Q. and Pinheiro, M. and Pourshams, A. and Rabiee, N. and Rabiee, M. and Radfar, A. and Rahim, F. and Rahimi-Movaghar, V. and Ur Rahman, M.H. and Rahman, M. and Rahmani, A.M. and Rana, J. and Rao, C.R. and Rao, S.J. and Rashedi, V. and Rawaf, D.L. and Rawaf, S. and Renzaho, A.M.N. and Rezapour, A. and Ripon, R.K. and Rodrigues, V. and Rustagi, N. and Saeed, U. and Sahebkar, A. and Samy, A.M. and Santric-Milicevic, M.M. and Sathian, B. and Satpathy, M. and Sawhney, M. and Schlee, W. and Schmidt, M.I. and Seylani, A. and Shaikh, M.A. and Shannawaz, M. and Shiferaw, W.S. and Siabani, S. and Singal, A. and Singh, J.A. and Singh, J.K. and Singhal, D. and Skryabin, V.Y. and Skryabina, A.A. and Sotoudeh, H. and Spurlock, E.E. and Taddele, B.W. and Tamiru, A.T. and Tareque, M.I. and Thapar, R. and Tovani-Palone, M.R. and Tran, B.X. and Ullah, S. and Tahbaz, S.V. and Violante, F.S. and Vlassov, V. and Vo, B. and Vongpradith, A. and Vu, G.T. and Wei, J. and Yadollahpour, A. and Jabbari, S.H.Y. and Yeshaw, Y. and Yiǧit, V. and Yirdaw, B.W. and Yonemoto, N. and Yu, C. and Yunusa, I. and Zamani, M. and Zastrozhin, M.S. and Zastrozhina, A. and Zhang, Z.-J. and Zhao, J.T. and Murray, C.J.L. and Davis, A.C. and Vos, T. and Chadha, S. and Collaborators, GBD 2019 Hearing Loss (2021) Hearing loss prevalence and years lived with disability, 1990-2019: Findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019. The Lancet, 397 (10278). pp. 996-1009. ISSN 01406736

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