Glucose oxidase: Applications, sources, and recombinant production

Khatami, Seyyed Hossein and Vakili, Omid and Ahmadi, Nahid and Soltani Fard, Elahe and Mousavi, Pegah and Khalvati, Bahman and Maleksabet, Amir and Savardashtaki, Amir and Taheri-Anganeh, Mortaza and Movahedpour, Ahmad (2021) Glucose oxidase: Applications, sources, and recombinant production. BIOTECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY.

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Glucose oxidase is a subset of oxidoreductase enzymes that catalyzes the transfer of electrons from an oxidant to a reductant. Glucose oxidases use oxygen as an external electron acceptor that releases hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Glucose oxidase has many applications in commercial processes, including improving the color and taste, increasing the persistence of food materials, removing the glucose from the dried egg, and eliminating the oxygen from different juices and beverages. Moreover, glucose oxidase, along with catalase, is used in glucose testing kits (especially in biosensors) to detect and measure the presence of glucose in industrial and biological solutions (e.g., blood and urine specimens). Hence, glucose oxidase is a valuable enzyme in the industry and medical diagnostics. Therefore, evaluating the structure and function of glucose oxidase is crucial for modifying as well as improving its catalytic properties. Finding different sources of glucose oxidase is an effective way to find the type of enzyme with the desired catalysis. Besides, the recombinant production of glucose oxidase is the best approach to produce sufficient amounts of glucose oxidase for various uses. Accordingly, the study of various aspects of glucose oxidase in biotechnology and bioprocessing is crucial.

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