Progresses and challenges in the traditional medicine information system: A systematic review

Mirzaeian, Razieh and Sadoughi, Farahnaz and Tahmasebian, Shahram and Mojahedi, Morteza (2019) Progresses and challenges in the traditional medicine information system: A systematic review. JOURNAL OF PHARMACY & PHARMACOGNOSY RESEARCH.

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Context: Traditional medicine information system (TMIS) is a substructure founded on the targeted application of technology. It also serves as a tool supporting the decisions in traditional medicine (TM). However, due to following a different approach in the treatment process, the TM has faced some challenges. Aims: To review the universal progresses and challenges in TMIS. Methods: This study was conducted using systematic search and review. The resources were retrieved through searching the key words related to the TMIS in the available databases including Science Direct, WOS, ProQuest, PubMed and IEEE. The findings were classified in to two distinct categories of progresses and challenges relating to the TMIS. Results: As many as 28 studies conducted from 2000 to 2017 were included in this research. The majority of the studies were related to 2010 or after 2010 conducted in China. Progresses identified in this TMIS were categorized into four types including the development of the database, universal standardization of the TM, development of the clinical data warehouse, and application of information technology in the TM. The challenges were classified into four distinct categories, namely the lack of treatment protocols in TM, the necessity of developing a universal unified terminology, the necessity of creating a medical ontologies and the necessity of ensuring the data quality. Conclusions: Information technology forms a significant aspect of the TM modernization. To develop both the TMIS and the knowledge sharing tools, it is necessary to remove the problems and challenges involved in the data record process in the TM. Keywords Author Keywords:challenges; herbal medicine; information systems; opportunity; traditional medicine KeyWords Plus:WESTERN HERBAL MEDICINE; CHINESE MEDICINE; KNOWLEDGE; MECHANISM; PRODUCTS; DATABASE; STATE

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