Th9 Cells: Probable players in ulcerative colitis pathogenesis

Shohan, M and Elahi, S and Shirzad, H and Rafieian-Kopaei, M and Rafieian-Kopaei, M and Bagheri, N and Soltani, E (2018) Th9 Cells: Probable players in ulcerative colitis pathogenesis. Int Rev Immunol.


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T lymphocytes represent an important part of adaptive immune system undertaking different functions to regulate immune responses. CD4+ T cells are the most important activator cells in inflammatory conditions. Depending on the type of induced cells and inflamed sites, expression and activity of different subtypes of helper T cells are changed. Recent studies have confirmed the existence of a new subset of helper T lymphocytes called Th9. Naive T cells can differentiate into Th9 subtypes if they are exposed simultaneously by interleukin (IL) 4 and transforming growth factor β and also secondary activation of a complicated network of transcription factors such as interferon regulatory factor 4 (IRF4) and Smads which are essential for adequate induction of this phenotype. Th9 cells specifically produce interleukin 9 and their probable roles in promoting intestinal inflammation are being investigated in human subjects and experimental models of ulcerative colitis (UC). Recently, infiltration of Th9 cells, overexpression of IL-9, and certain genes associated with Th9 differentiation have been demonstrated in inflammatory microenvironment of UC. Intestinal oversecretion of IL-9 protein is likely to break down epithelial barriers and compromise tolerance to certain commensal microorganisms which leads to inflammation. Th9 pathogenicity has not yet been adequately explored in UC and they are far from being considered as inflammatory cells in this milieu, therefore precise understanding the role of these newly identified cells in particular their potential role in gut pathogenesis may enable us to develop novel therapeutic approaches for inflammatory bowel disease. So, this article tries to discuss the latest knowledge on the above-mentioned field

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