Decomposition of potential gains in life expectancy by elimination of unintentional accidents in Iran

Sasanipour, Mohammad. and Shahbazin, Saeideh. (2017) Decomposition of potential gains in life expectancy by elimination of unintentional accidents in Iran. International Journal of Epidemiologic Research, 4 (1). pp. 44-52.


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Background and aims: Recent studies on mortality in Iran, in recent years clearly emphasize that unintentional injuries are the main cause of reducing Iranian life expectancy in Iran. This article aimed to assess the role of major causes of death for mortality patterns in the country by sex in 2010. Methods: Experimental results of this study are based on death registration system of Ministry of Health (MOH). Using multiple decrement and single decrement life tables, years of life which could be savedare calculated if unintentional accidents were to be eliminated from causes of death. Then the composition of age groups is decomposed. Results: The results showed that unintentional injuries are cause of reduction of 2.3 years of Iranian men’s life and 0.8 years for women. More detailed results show that mortality from unintentional accidents in active age groups (15-64 years old), have a great role in reducing the life expectancy of the people. The men’s share is more than 70, but for women the share of age groups of 15-65 years old is less than men, in return, it is more for women under 15 years old is more. Conclusion: Since high rate of deaths due to unintentional accidents are preventable, control and intervention, especially among young people, and society development needs to improve the health of the main age groups, mean young, so investments to increase productivity and improve the health of young people is necessary.

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