Socio-economic factors and diabetes consequences among patients with type 2 diabetes.

Tol, Azar. and Sharifirad, Gholamreza. and Shojaezadeh, Davoud. and Tavasoli, Elahe. and Azadbakht, Leila. (2013) Socio-economic factors and diabetes consequences among patients with type 2 diabetes. Journal of education and health promotion, 2.


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BACKGROUND: Considering the effect of socio-economic factors on the emergence of chronic diseases and the importance of this aspect of diseases for policy makers and authorities of health care organizations, this study tried to investigate the role of these factors in type 2 diabetes and its consequences, which can be used in health policy making for preventing from this disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This descriptive-analytical study was conducted on 384 diabetic patients who were admitted to a diabetes center in the city of Isfahan. The participants were selected using simple random sampling. A questionnaire with 42 questions was used for gathering the data which were analyzed using chi-square and Fisher's statistical tests. RESULTS: The studied population consisted of 52.1% male and 47.9% female participants. There was a statistically significant relationship between diabetes complications, age group, educational level, job status, relationship with family members, number of family visits and the reassurance provided by the family, type of leisure time activities, health status, years with diabetes, smoking, type of treatment, fried food consumption and income (P < 0.001), sense of security and communication in living environment (P < 0.002) and daily intake of vegetables (P < 0.02). CONCLUSION: It seems that the application of supportive resources and secondary strategies is an essential issue in the patients with chronic diseases, particularly diabetes. Empowering strategies can induce basic changes in order to increase positive expectations, hope, self-esteem and self- confidence in patients; this is the exact strategy which must be used to efficiently control diabetes and its different types of complications among patients.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Diabetes consequences; diabetes type 2; socioeconomic factors
Subjects: WD Nutrition Disease and metabolic diseases
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