Effects of some drugs on autonomic responses of Guinea pig seminal vesicle smooth muscle

Sadraei, H. (1999) Effects of some drugs on autonomic responses of Guinea pig seminal vesicle smooth muscle. journal of shahrekord university of medical sciences, 1 (3).


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Seminal vesicle smooth muscle contraction is mediated through sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. Although seminal vesicle plays an important role in male fertility, but little attention is given to mechanism involved in contraction of this organ. In this study effects of various drugs were examined on the contractile responses elicited by electrical field stimulation (EFS), Noradrenaline (NA), and Carbachol (CAR) in guinea-pig seminal vesicle. Atropine and Prazosin in concentrations, which totally blocked CAR and NA response respectively, reduced the response to EFS by 40% With Atropine and Prazosin together about 15% of the response remains. ATP seemed unlikely to be the additional spasmogen, since exogenous ATP had an inhibitory effect on EFS. Clonidine concentration-dependently blocked responses to NA, but potentiated the responses to EFS. Yohimbine produced a qualitatively similar effect, blocking the NA responses and reducing the EFS responses. These results are inconsistent with presynaptic α2-adrenoceptor exerting an inhibitory effect on NA release, but could be interpreted as post-synaptic α1-adrenoceptor blocked by both Clonidine and Yohimbine, but it is not clear how Yohimbine potentiate the EFS responses. Guanethidine progressively inhibited the EFS response while potentiated the NA responses. These findings allow the suggestion that NA, endogenous or exogenous, is removed from synapses by an uptake process, which is blocked, by Guanethidine and, that Guanethidine inhibits the release of neurotransmitter(s).

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