An overview of aesthetic prostheses for gingival replacement

Sahraneshin Samani, M. and Khoroushi, M. (2012) An overview of aesthetic prostheses for gingival replacement. 12 th International Congress of Iranian Academy of Restorative Dentistry 24-26 October 2012 Tabriz-Iran.

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An increasing patient and clinician awareness of the importance of gingival and smile aesthet¬ics has resulted in the development of both surgical and prosthetic techniques aimed at improving or maintaining these aes¬thetic characteristics.surgical gingival procedures,trauma,ridge resorption or traumatic tooth extraction,periodontal disease, and congenital defects can result in both soft tissue and hard tissue defects that can present with aesthetic problems. gingival replacement prostheses have historically been used to replace lost tissue when other methods (surgery or regenerative procedures)were considered unpredictable or impossible. Aim:This paper describes problems associated with soft tissue defects; introduce both traditional and contemporary)either removable and fixed) gingival prostheses available in the prosthetic management of soft tissue aesthetics on single teeth, on multiple teeth,on implants,in edentulous spans and in the denture patients ;discusses their advantages,disadvantages and alternatives; and also describes several clinical situations in which gingival prostheses were used effectively. Conclusion:Where recession is localised to a single tooth and root coverage surgery is not indicated, the use of adhesive direct or indirect materials can be considered. Where multiple recession defects are present in stabilised periodontal patients, the use of a gingival prosthesis can be provided relatively easily with a predictable result. In patients requiring fixed restoration in the aesthetic zone, the use of gingivally coloured porcelain can help in recreat¬ing natural tooth proportions. As the prosthetic techniques described in this paper are minimally invasive with low morbidity, they may provide alter¬natives to surgery for patients concerned about soft tissue aesthetics.

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