The effect of 7-day BCAAs consumption on delayed onset muscle soreness indices of beginner futsal players

Hojjati Zidashti, Z. and Etehadi, N. (2016) The effect of 7-day BCAAs consumption on delayed onset muscle soreness indices of beginner futsal players. journal of shahrekord university of medical sciences, 18 (3).


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Background and aims: Nowadays, usage of protein and amino acid supplements is focused for decreasing muscular injuries after intensive exercise sessions. The aim of the present research was to indicate the effect of 7-day branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) consumption on the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in beginner futsal players. Methods: In this semi-experimental double blind study, the population included the beginner futsal players of Tehran’s Enghelab Sports Complex. 20 volunteers (with an average age of 28.67±4.72, average weight of 90.17±12.09 Kg) were randomly divided into 2 groups of supplement (n=10) and placebo (n=10). The participants consumed the supplement (S) or the placebo (P) 7 days before one session of weight exercises with 80% one repetition maximum (1RM) in 3 sets and each set with 8 repetitions. Repeated measurement ANOVA was used for data analysis. Results: The results showed that after 48 hours CK had a lower increase in S group compared to P group (from 238.83±86.33 to 417.17±184.77 IU/L in S group and 229.83±58.98 to 445.0±227.44 IU/L in P group), but there was no significant difference (P=0.767). On the other hand, LDH didnot show any difference in measurement phases between two groups (before 301.33±58.42 immediately after 333.33±56.43 and 48 hours after 337.33±47.82 IU/L in S group and before 297.83±43.28 immediately after 297.17±69.75 and 48 hours after 292.17±60.02 IU/L in P group) (P=0.280). Conclusion: The results indicate that 7-day BCAAs consuming before vigorous resistance exercise did not have a significant effect on the DOMS indices in beginner futsal players.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: BCAA, Creatine kinase, Lactate dehydrogenase.
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