Scabies contamination status in Iran: A review

Dehghani, Rouhullah. and Ghannaee Arani, Mohammad. and Seyyedi Arani, Hamid Reza. and Zarghi, Iran. (2016) Scabies contamination status in Iran: A review. International Journal of Epidemiologic Research, 3 (1).


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Background and aims: Scabies is a common worldwide parasitic contagious disease caused by Sarcoptes scabiei of the order of Astigmata of the family of Sarcoptidae. Therefore, this review is to determine the exact status of scabies in Iran in order to manage it better. Methods: On the whole, out of the 120 articles and books, 56 ones were covered based on items such as study purpose, date of publication, journal’s credibility, indication of the subject in them, transmittance, way of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Results: Due to the non-uniform geographical distribution of scabies in Iran, diagnosis and treatment of the disease is different. Studies show that scabies is on increase in Iran. Thus, scabies is a burden to the economy and the health care system. Prevalence of this disease has been rather high in Iran during war, prisons, and geographical humid areas which are variable in different provinces due to various climates. Conclusion: By regular monitoring and controlling the way the disease spreads, health of the population at risk can be maintained in order to bring health to the society that is among the main aims of every organizations and health providing institutions. This review focuses on scabies in Iran and other countries the entire world over to find ways for preventing and giving health care to control the disease

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Keywords: Sarcoptes, Scabiei, Infestation, Environmental factors, Iran.
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