Centrosome and its role in gametogenesis and embryonic development

Tavalaee, Marzieh. and Parivar, Kazem. and Javadian Elyadari, Soodabeh. and Nasr-Esfahani, Mohammad Hossein. Centrosome and its role in gametogenesis and embryonic development. journal of shahrekord university of medical sciences.


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Background and aims: Centerospmes are only organelle without membrane in vertebrate cells and are mostly composed from two main structures; centriols and pericentrial materials. During development, major changes occur in the centrosome structure and morphology that the most of these changes happen during the process of gametogenesis, fertilization and early development in embryo development. The aim of this review article was to familiarize to the structur and component of centrosomes, its role in gametogenesis and early stages of development as well as cellular and molecular mechanism involved in this process. In addition, importance of centrosomes is also discussed. This article is the first study that centrosomes are thoroughly studied from cellular, molecular and clinical aspects. Methods: Literature search in Entrez PubMed as well as other data sources from 1985 to 2015 was done. Results: Male and female gametes produce centrosome in a mutual model. After combitation of centrosomes components of gametes to each other, a functional centrosome for zygot is created. Conclusion: Centrosomes study has opened new ways for treatment of infertility related to centrosomes deficits, inability to form sperm aster and mitotic apparatus of cell division that is necessary to ensure proper growth.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Centerospme, Fertilization, Gametogenesis, Infertility, Embryonic development.
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