Reported a case of Flies larvae that cause myasis (genus Sarcophaga fertoni) in stool, In Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province

Zamini, Ghasem. and Khadem erfan, Mohammad bagher. and Faridi, Ashkan. Reported a case of Flies larvae that cause myasis (genus Sarcophaga fertoni) in stool, In Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province. journal of shahrekord university of medical sciences.

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Abstract Background and aims: Flies are found in most geographical areas in which every place where humans can live except from the poles and they benefit of human beings. In human societies, families Muscidae, Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae live in close association with humans. although Intestinal Myasis not always reported, but in a study 54 case has been reported in China and because flies are found in everywhere they can infest food and lay their egg and larvae in them, If fecal samples taken for stool exam is contamination with larvae of flies they can cause misdiagnosis and experimenter concern and The purpose of this reports are introduce the rare cases of the presence of larvae in stool samples to the laboratories expert. Case report: This report is about a 7 year-old Sanandajian (west Iran) preschool girl that for school entry and preventing the spread of parasitic infections, stool samples taken from her 3 times, in the third stool sample exam Ascaris eggs, Charcot–Leyden crystals and lots of motile larvae were found, immediately transferring the suspect specimen to Parasitology research laboratory section at Kurdistan University of Medical science, we found that it was fly larvae and Suspected to intestinal myiasis, After putting the samples in appropriate laboratory condition, larvae transform into pupae and finally emerge as adult within 13 days in room temperature Conclusion: With More accuracy on one more stool exam with regarding to the normal status of patient and according to the information derived from questionnaire we conclude that the sample was taken and preserved improperly and somehow infected with the larvae of flies and subsequently transferred to the Clinical Laboratory so the larvae were not excreted by the person. According to diagnostic keys, we found that it was the larvae of Sarcophaga fertoni spices

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