Chromosomal damage to human lymphocytes induced by hyperthermia pre and post extremely low dose neutron or gamma radiation

Fatehi, D. (2010) Chromosomal damage to human lymphocytes induced by hyperthermia pre and post extremely low dose neutron or gamma radiation. Australasian Medical Journal, 1 (4). pp. 236-247.


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Background: One of the most important problems in radiotherapy (RT) with χ and γ-rays is hypoxic cells, in the centre of solids tumours. Due to insufficient blood perfusion, these cells are more resistant to RT. The purpose of the study is to assess the effect of heating cells on chromosomal damages induced by an extremely low dose of neutron or γ irradiation, in human lymphocytes. Method: Human blood samples were exposed to hyperthermia (HT), 6 cGy neutron (or γ-rays), HT+neutron/γ, and neutron/γ+HT. HT was applied at 41.5°C for 30 and 60min as well as 43°C for 15 and 30min. The time interval between the two treatments was 1hr. After cell culture, harvesting, fixation, and staining, the chromosomal damages were scored in metaphase stage and statistical analyses were performed. Results: In comparison to the control groups, HT alone at 41.5°C (neither for 30 nor 60min) did not induce significantly higher chromosomal damages (p=0.8); however, the number of damages was significantly higher at 43°C for 30min (p<0.05). Furthermore, compared to the control groups the chromosomal damages was significantly different when cells irradiated with neutron/γ-rays (p<0.05). Comparison between applying HT 1hr before and after irradiation, HT after neutron/γ irradiation significantly induced higher chromosome damages (p<0.05). Comparing neutron and γ irradiation, the number of chromosomal damages was remarkably higher when cells irradiated with neutron (p<0.01). Conclusion: Since applying an extremely low dose of neutron plus HT caused more chromosomal damages, in comparison to neutron/γ alone, or HT plus neutron/γ; and because cell death is directly related to the chromosomal damage; thus, this combined regime might be considered as a treatment modality in cancer treatment.

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